DISNEYLAND® Avengers Campus

Super Heroes, Assemble!

Visit the DISNEYLAND® Avengers Campus

The Avengers Campus is now open at Disneyland Resort! This brand-new area is dedicated to discovering, recruiting, and training the next generation of super heroes. Meet your favorite Marvel characters and explore a range of heroic locations, each hosted by a different Avenger ready to share their unique powers, technology, and knowledge with recruits. Gear up for your adventures with the latest super-hero supplies, experience spectacular rides and attractions, and fuel up with a unique array of food and beverage options, all surrounded by the endless entertainment of Disney California Adventure.

Worldwide Engineering Brigade

Start your tour of Avengers Campus by checking in at WEB, the Worldwide Engineering Brigade. Here, bright innovators like Tony Stark and Peter Parker unveil new technologies that turn new recruits into super heroes. When you’re ready, put your web-slinging skills to the test and fight alongside Spider-Man in WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure!

Mission: BREAKOUT!

Looming high above Avengers Campus, Mission: BREAKOUT! blasts you right into the Guardians of the Galaxy story. Help Rocket bust his fellow Guardians of the Galaxy out of the Collector’s Fortress on this immersive attraction, which offers six adventures for you to experience.

Meet Your Heroes

Throughout Avengers Campus, you’ll have heroic encounters with iconic characters, including Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, the Dora Milaje, Black Widow, Ant-Man and The Wasp, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, and even villains like Loki. Make sure to keep an eye out for Spider-Man swinging high above!

Grab Your Super-Hero Gear

The WEB Suppliers store will equip you with the latest inventions and collector’s items, including interactive Spider-Bots, Spider-Man light goggles, spider-web kits, and Funko Pop! figurines. You can also suit up at the Campus Supply Pod, offering all kinds of official Avengers Campus gear.

Heroic Food and Drinks

You’ll find no shortage of delicious food and drinks to fuel your super adventures here. Power up with tiny treats and massive meals at Pym Test Kitchen, where Pym Technologies creates shareable bites, inventive entrées, and sweet treats, while the next-door Pym Tasting Lab offers a range of craft beers and experimental Pym Particle-infused cocktails. You can also head to one of the Avengers favorite food joints, Shawarma Palace, or sample weird and wonderful intergalactic eats at the Terran Treats food cart.

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